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Strolghino is a small typical cold cut of the provinces of Parma and Piacenza.

It is made from the trimmings lean of Culatello and ham flake, in turn derived from Italian heavy pigs. To give the culatello its traditional pear shape is in fact necessary to trim the piece and the prized meat advancing is devoted to this niche product. Given the size and the composition lean, this cold cut has a short seasoning, usually 20 days.

The traditional form is horseshoe, the diameter around 3 cm and the size ranges between 0.5 and 1 kg. It’s bagged in swine entrails and is characterized by fine grinding of the meat.

The name derives from “strolga”, ie guesses in dialect. Takes its name from the fact that it was used to predict the trend of the aging of salami of greater size. Another version gives very common reason for this name in the difficulty of proper preparation and seasoning of the product, for which it takes just a guess.

Strolghino fette

Strolghino is very thin with a delicate flavor and especially sweet. It should be eaten tender and to facilitate removal of the outer skin you can soak in warm water for a few minutes, but even better wrap in a cloth wet with white wine mixed with water, as recommended by the grandmothers. Traditionally, it is cut into diagonal slices very thick and it serves accompanied by croutons or fragrant bread as an appetizer. Excellent with Malvasia.

Strolghino should be stored in a humid and cool place, dry environments are not recommended because it tends to dry quickly. For the same reason should not be left to mature for too long, because in that case would lose its characteristic sweetness.

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