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Foodstuff derived from the processing of pig fat in the preparation of lard.

The fat is cut into small pieces and is put to cook on low fire so as to melt the fat and allow the evaporation of water contained. When pieces of fat bought a yellowish color are paid in a cloth, squeezed and finally flavored with the addition of flavorings, which can be, clove, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg or other, and in doses varying proportions depending on the butcher. Sometimes are salted.

The casting is part lard, the solids remaining are Ciccioli. After pressing Ciccioli can be left in tile or crumbled hot. Will keep for up to two months.


Ciccioli are a high-calorie food that, in the country tradition, was a great meal, in union with polenta. Now are used mainly to accompany cocktails and appetizers.

Ciccioli, spread throughout Italy, according to the areas they are called by different names: in our region “grasul” in Romagna, “graséi” in Piacentino, “gräsö” or “grasòl” in Reggiano, “gräsö” or “cicioli” in Ferrarese, “grasooli” in Modena.



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