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Also called “capocollo”, is a cold cut, present in the Italian territory with various interpretations and recipes, obtained by processing of the upper portion of the neck of the pig and a part of the shoulder (this justifies the name).
What you will find in our shop is Coppa type Piacentina P.D.O. Meats come from Emilia Romagna and Lombardy.
The meat is salted and massaged (this is needed to facilitate both the penetration and uniform distribution of the salt) are then stuffed into a natural intestine casing and aged.
During operation are added spices and herbs typical of the different places of production of the cold cut. In the past for its seasoning was used to wrap the meat in a raw canvas or tie it with hemp twine.
This name refers to a part of the pig, excellent for cooking barbecued, grilled or soapstone. It takes different names depending on the region. The muscle, properly cut in one piece, is coated with a mixture of salt and spices and placed in a cold environment. Once it was massaged by hand to penetrate and absorb salt and spices. Subsequently, the muscle is wrapped with care in the “skin suet”, which serves as protection and contributes to aging, such as the casing of the sausage.


It then proceeds to tie tightly with a big string across the cup, so that the skin of lard you can peel it off doing penetrate air that could damage the sausage. With one end of the string you create a long loop that serves to hang. Hung for 10-15 days in a special place, a time in the attic, the cup has lost a considerable amount of water.
The seasoning is very delicate phase of maturation. A good curing, which must be of at least six months, determines the quality of the product. Once took place in the cellar. The finished product has a cylindrical shape and a weight exceeding 1,5 kg.
Its main feature is the “softness”, which requires a limited percentage of salt and the use of very calibrated spices which must not overpower the “fragrance” of cured meat seasoned.
When cut, the slices are compact and homogenous, red with white inframmezzature rosy. The flavor is sweet and delicate. It serves merely accompanied by bread.


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