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MAFood Italian Excellence

Welcome on Mafood, the high-tech evolution of the typical ancient food shop specialized exclusively in selling top high-quality Italian food.

Thanks to this virtual space of food enthusiasts, we would like to teach our customers to train their taste buds, rediscovering the ancient flavors of the real and traditional Italian food, produced with passion and infinite care by our suppliers who control carefully every single step of production to ensure the maximum quality. In this way, you will be able to rediscover the pleasure of sharing this wonderful multi-sensory experience with the people you love.

To reach this goal, you will need to recognize the real Italian products analyzing the labels, verifying the quality of brands and the origins of each food, learning how it’s made by checking the steps of production. Our vocation for food, the quality and the variety of the products we offer in our Italian food e-commerce will be the tools that we will use to lead you through a fascinating gastronomic journey, made up of flavours, emotions, tradition and conviviality.

Selected Italian top quality products

Have you got a restaurant?


With MAFood there will be the opportunity to get all of our products in your restaurant with a simple click, at a special price reserved to you!!!
MAFood ensures fast and secure delivery for all those products that need cool temperatures during shipping thanks to the collaboration with Dryce, a leading company for temperature-controlled transport. Green Ice is a gel ice for food that is introduced in insulated containers at high density, in predefined quantities according to the environmental conditions. This system allows us to arrive at your home in a very short time without altering the product, which travels at a controlled temperature. The system is in accordance with the laws of the reference sector (Law 155, “HACCP” and following).

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Punto Verde Bio


Punto Verde farm was born in 1986 by Castiglioni family in Savignano sul Panaro in the production of cherry and plum typical of Vignola and covers 10 hectares of land, cultivated by combining tradition with the most advanced techniques of organic farming.

Castiglioni family has an ancient agricultural tradition, which extends far beyond the fifth generation and that, from father to son, has been able to build on the wise and original methods in the cultivation of the earth.

Foundation of the philosophy that guides the farm are the respect of nature and biodiversity.

The passion for organic stems from a specific need to preserve the environment and keep intact the flavors and the natural taste of fruits and vegetables.

Punto Verde farm has obtained the Certificate of Conformity ICEA Reg. N ° IT ICA H1688. ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), is currently one of the most important organizations in the sector in Italy and in Europe, with over 11 thousand companies controlled with a strong ethical, environmental and social, 300 technicians and 23 Territorial Operating Structures in Italy and abroad.


It works to promote equitable development and socially sustainable organic farming extends to other sectors of the bio-ecological. Green Point has obtained this important recognition that certifies that the company shall regularly control its activities and complies with the requirements in the Regulations.

Gourmet Compote

Gourmet Compote
Surprise on the table..
Gourmet compote to taste in thousand of different combinations, from sweet to savory. For true gourmand

PEREACETOmostarda cipolle rosse-2LA PRUGNOLATA


fichi allaceto balsamicoCOMPOSTA DI ZUCCACIPOLLACETO



Fruit Juices

“FrullaBio” Juices
80 % Fruit… 100% Taste!
Only organic fruit and… blended and ready to drink, in a 0,5 l bottle!!!



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Are you a producer?

If you produce certified high quality Italian food and you share with us our vision food culture, contact us and for a collaboration.


Producers of food industry, including primary producers, must prepare a traceability system able to connect the incoming raw materials and the outgoing products, to provide procedures for the eventual withdrawal / recall of non-compliant products.
To ensure the safety of food necessary to consider all aspects of the food production chain as a continuum, from primary production, through the choice of feed up for sale to the final consumer.


  • Only 100% Italian products
  • Top quality certified: DOP, IGP, STG, BIO
  • Product traceability

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Why choose MAFood?

Bringing excellent food to your table and know that you can enjoy sharing it with people you love, is our greatest satisfaction.

High quality food

We only offer 100% Italian products, PDO and PGI, traceable and certified quality. Discover yourself the taste.

Selected manufacturers

We place great care in selecting our suppliers to ensure you the quality that you always have been looking for.

Online Shop

You can buy fresh certified top quality food directly from our online shop and in few days we will deliver it to your home.

Only 100% Italian food



Mafood strives to fight the phenomenon of counterfeit Italian food, a phenomenon that costs our country about 50 billion € per year. A practice that is slowly destroying our cultural and entrepreneurial heritage, against which we have the moral duty to react. There are thousands of great Italian artisans and producers who work hard day after day with love and dedication, achieving excellence in their products.
We have focused on them, selecting the ones who work for reaching the objective maximum quality in their products demonstrating infinite passion over time. Manufacturers that despite recession and exponential competition preferred quality and customers’ satisfaction to maximization of profits. These are the professional figures who help us to bring the culture of food excellence all over the world. We are sure that with the right commitment, Italy can still make the difference.


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The MAFood Philosophy

We select only high quality food

Our intent is to create awareness and food culture to be exported all over the world, thanks to the most powerful tool of sharing: The Internet. Taking advantage of the infinite potential of the web we are in fact able to combine tradition and innovation, deleting the distances between countries all over the world, bringing on your tables the real and only Italian food, always fresh and certified quality. With this site we would like to educate our customers to a more careful selection of food products, selected due to their gastronomic, environmental and social quality.

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