Aceto bottiglia

Fonte: Wikipedia

They derived from balsamic vinegar traditional P.D.O. and from balsamic vinegar of Modena P.G.I. and they are defined “balsamic dressing”, “balsamic sauce” or “sauce of cooked must”.

Are products which, although referring balsamic vinegar, do not fall within the disciplinary production of P.D.O. and P.G.I.

This is the family with the most variability of quality, recipes and prices because of production techniques and marketing related.


Generally balsamic condiments can be: made and aged in the traditional way in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia, but outside of the supervision of consortiums and certification procedures, so traditional balsamic in substance but not in form; products according to the specifications of P.D.O. and P.G.I., but not certified or because the item out of the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia (however if a part of the processing is done in them they fall in I.G.P.) or because they are sold before 12 years, minimum age required by the regulations; products starting from P.G.I. certified product, but variously enriched and cut with P.D.O.; wine vinegars enriched with cooked musts and other ingredients to simulate products balsamic, but outside the criteria provided by the P.G.I.

They can also be enriched with natural flavors (fruit, vegetables, spices), depending on the sales area or the preferences of the final consumer.

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